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June 27, 2010

Let’s talk about scrapbooking

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Violettes received a lot of boxes this week and for a split second while I was sweating from the heat I thought about Christmas. Yep Christmas.  The vendors are already knocking out the emails showing up little sneek peaks of  fall and winter.  I will tell you that we did order all the the G45 Halloween release.  That’s the picture you see.   Many of the stamp vendors are rolling out things  in August and the Scrapbook manufactures I am meeting within the next week or so.   We of course will have a fun event planned for Christmas. 

We also started working on our design for our annual pirate event.  Sorry can’t share that idea.  It’s a secret until we are ready to roll with it.  I will contacting the other stores and we will be setting a date for the next event.

We hope you visit the new website there you will find our calendar and other misc.  things. We hope to start downloading items for sale within the next two weeks. That’s the plan.

Hope everyone is well and that we see you soon.  Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments we have been receiving regarding the store and the website. It means alot.

June 13, 2010

Decorate the Can Contest

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We had an awesome idea. We have these clear cans and everyone is always coming up with
clever ideas to decorate one.
Haydee one of our teachers came up with a can for collectingmoney in the laundry room. It has clothespin and little piecesof laundery on the handle.   So this is what we thought .Let’s have a contest you decorate it bring it in  and the customers will vote.
Top 4 will win gift card from Violettes.  We will give away
(2) $30.00 gift cards and (2) $20.00 gift cards.
Can Contest:  Rules
1.  You must buy a can from Violettes we will assign a number
on the bottom.
2. Decorate it anyway you want, baby, pet, laundry, kids, teacher, beach, gift card etc.
3. You have until July 31st to decorate it.
4.  Bring it back to Violettes where we will display it for
30 days.  Customers will be able to vote on the can for 30 days.
5. We will announce the winner and post it on our new blog.
6.  It’s time to start having some fun so stop in and buy your
can cost is approximately $3.00  and yes we will return the
can when we are done. 


June 7, 2010

Violettes Scrapbook Store – New Stamps Arrival

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Violettes recently received a new shipment of stamps –  We just received The Cats Pajamas, Stampendous and Savvy. I am very excited.  My great sales rep Gary just told me that he has picked up the line Kaiser Crafts  – one of my favorites so watch for this to arrive in a couple of weeks.  We also ordered a yummy display of  Flower Soft which includes the new utra fine colors.  It is my understanding it has shipped so give it about a week to get here. We will blast it when it arrives.  Oh and we ordered extra polar white to get ready for the holidays – did I just say holidays yep here we go again.  Above  is a great picture from the gallery of the Cat’s Pajamas- designer Tracy Falco.  We will have more samples in the store soon.  Linda and Betty are working on some of our masterpieces.

June 2, 2010

We finally have a blog

Filed under: Uncategorized — violettesscrapbookstore @ 10:17 pm finally has a blog.  We are in this major learning curve so as we develop so will the site.

Stamp club news:  Violettes has a stamp club that meets once a month.  The cost is $45.00 for the year.  We have a wonderful teacher Linda who is extremely talented. We meet the first Thursday of every month.  You have the option of coming at 2pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm or 7pm.  Each month can be a different time depending on what you have going on.  You bring just your basic supplies -trimmer, scissors, glue and water color pencils.  Make 2 cards/project each month.  Oh and did we mention you get a 20% discount on the stamps you purchase.  Each month it is different – This month June we are featuring Stampendous.   So join today and get creative – this class is great for all levels so if you want to learn we will teach you.  Call the store for additional details 863- 644-0801  (each month you reserve your spot).  We have over 90 members in this club!!!

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